On Tile Roof

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Mounting with fixing on deck

In order for the installation to create the least possible visual impact on the home, we always recommend installing the panels parallel (coplanar) to the inclination of the roof itself.

Regarding the fixation on the roof of the aluminum structure that supports the panels, we use specific screws to anchor it to the roof slab. These screws have an insulating gasket incorporated, which ensures sealing with the outside. Additionally, we apply an adhesive to guarantee the tightness and adhesion of the installation.

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Fixed Quotation

We work at a fixed price so that you do not get any surprises and you know all the costs during the process.

Paperwork and Registration

We take care of all the documentation to be able to accredit and declare your installation.

Installation within 24 hours

We promise that you can enjoy your installation within 24 hours.

Installation and Equipament is Fully Guaranteed

We are qualified and accredited professionals who allow us to sign the documentation so that the installation and its parts have their guarantee.
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