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Solar thermal energy leverages the power of the Sun in the form of heat, which heats domestic hot water or heating water circuit. Solar photovoltaics converts the Sun’s energy directly into electricity and that electricity is that is used in the circuit of your home or business. The problems associated with wear and malfunction of the solar thermal facilities disappear in photovoltaic solar installations, which hardly require maintenance.
Yes, solar photovoltaics that produce your panels lets you save up to 60% on your current electricity bill. In addition, it lets you reduce the contracted power and optimize the rates in the market, which reduce it even more you invoice.
Installation has a shelf life of 30 years or more, and where one of the panels get damaged, this does not affect the functioning of the others. In addition, the production of the voltage can be adjusted by adding or removing panels.


Yes, generation facilities connected to the grid are currently legal. There are two types of solar installations: 1. isolated facilities: those that are not connected to the grid and, therefore, the energy consumed comes from the generation of energy from its solar panels. 2. installations connected to the grid: those that are connected to the grid to complete the needs of consumption. These are those that we offer you.
While in our country than in many sun shines others, it has not been so successful so far for different reasons. The arrival of the solar energy in Spain focused on the development of very large facilities encouraged by subsidies to renewable energy. After the change in late 2010 and until October 2015 regulatory paralyzed installation of panels since the regulatory environment did not accompany him. Today in Spain is legal and is profitable.
NO, for installations up to 10 kW of power (the majority of homes in Spain) doesn’t have any cost and simply remain fixed fees you already pay currently on your light Bill for being connected to the grid. For installations whose contracted power exceeds 10 kW (profiles of consumption more related to business in Spain) there was a proposed TAX (SUN TAX) which currently never had been applied to any solar PV installation and which is under review to delete.
The over electricity generated are injected to the grid and are sold.


You must have a space available for the installation of the panels, to be able to offer you the solution that best suits you and make a simulation needed on your roof, we will need you provide your exact address and your electric bills from last year, to rely on your consumption curve. Get in touch with us!
Only two requirements are needed: owning a space or roof and have a contract of electricity to its name. If you meet them you can get in touch with us. The majority of houses in flats do not include roof property. Only if you live in the attic and the roof is of your property or if you are the owner of the building you can install.
Our engineering team is responsible for making a technical tailored to your installation project and our experienced technicians are responsible for implementing it.
A normal installation usually takes a few days, depending on the characteristics of your home or business and your roof. However, the process of administrative documents (work permits, records the installation, etc.) can be extended up to two months. These procedures do not depend on us, but we will do everything in our hands to expedite to the maximum the process, keeping you informed at all times of the State of the same.
The Government makes it compulsory register installation in an administrative record or facilities of self-consumption, councils should be issued work permits and other licenses, electricity companies must deal with changes of contract and approve facilities… but don’t worry, we take care of everything!
Our systems do not penetrate the surface of your roof are supported by this and are fastened with completely safe ballast. The installation of panels on roofs is not something new. Installers have many years using and perfecting such operations. Metal structures that we use are of the highest quality and come from reliable manufacturers of proven experience.
No, you can be safe. Prior to installing solar panels on a roof we do static calculations, analyze the load of wind in the area and determine the metal structure that we will put on your roof according to the results of our analysis. In addition, we always installed parallel to the roof panels so that it is impossible to move.


Yes, solar panels are most effective when the Sun’s rays directly affect them, but continue to generate power when it rains or is cloudy.
Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity during the day. At night you can consume the power from the mains because you’ll still connected to it.
Batteries are not necessary, but these accumulation devices allow you to harness the energy at night or at a time in which your demand is greater than your production capacity. Soon we will include this technology in our solution and will contact him if you are interested in incorporating it.
The solar system does not need much maintenance. We will do periodic checks and monitor your installation, so if by some chance we find a fault in your system, we will let you know and send to one of our specialists to check the operation.